Friday, March 27, 2015

The LED Search has ended!!

I purchased my first LED machine in 2002. At my two skin care centers every client (no matter what skin type or skin issue) gets LED in their treatment. I just feel like it is the icing on the cake...we top off the end of the treatment with 10 to 15 minutes of LED. We also offer a stand alone 30 minute booster treatment for in between their regular appointments. They love coming in to get away from their busy world for 30 minutes and it just keeps them looking awesome!

I have been through many units since 2002. The most expensive being $10,000. I've had units that I really liked but had to move on because the company didn't live up to my standards. I look for quality in the equipment, a good price point where we can begin to make a profit quickly and also integrity of the company. It's harder than you think to find all three of those!

There's one company that I connected with a couple of years ago and for some reason I resisted. Can't tell you why.....just timing I guess. We've chatted over the years and been friendly at all the trade shows. Very nice people!

Well, when I realized that making my own unit was much more involved than I could ever imagine, I decided to give in to their "wooing". :-)

My new best friends are now Lightstim!! Chris Healey, whom I've been chatting with over the years, dropped by the Center with one of their panels and also their hand held units. He gave me a wonderful presentation about their company and also LED. He left the panel and a few handheld units with me to test.

The first client we put under the panel knew right away that we had something different. She had been getting treatments with LED but the minute we put this panel over her she said "wow, this is much more powerful". A couple of days later I finally had a few minutes to experience it myself and I can honestly tell you that the Lightstim panel gives you more bang for your buck than any panel I've ever used....even my $10,000 unit!!

What took me so long!! I now feel like I've taken the results of my treatments up a notch with this panel. They passed my test...quality equipment (made in Southern California), a good price point where we can start making a profit very quickly and the company has integrity (they back their product and they very much want our success)!!

We've started selling the hand units to our anti-aging and acne clients. You guys, they are going to get them on HSN or might as well be the one selling them a quality unit! The profit is good!

If you'd like to get more info about this equipment, please call me! (949) 481-4037 or click on this web page: